Top 5 Wire Jewellery Tutorials for Beginners

As a jewellery designer, I am constantly scouring the web for sources of inspiration and information. I love to learn new techniques and try new things, and am always striving for perfection in my work. My jewellery board on Pinterest currently has over 600 pins (which isn’t as many as I had thought…better get pinning!) and whilst it’s a fantastic place for inspiration and keeping up with current trends, my favourite ever thing is waking up in the morning to find another jewellery tutorial on my front page.

So, for those of you who don’t have pinterest however, or are simply looking for a new idea or new technique to try, I present to you my;

Top 5 (Free) Wire Jewellery Tutorials for Beginners

1. 3 Ways to make Wire Rings by Rena Klingenberg

(C)Rena Klingenberg

(C)Rena Klingenberg

Rena Klingenberg has written a great little tutorial over on the jewelry making journal, which teaches not one, not two, but three ways to make awesome wire rings. Her tutorials are detailed and full of beautiful, sharp pictures, and Rena always takes the time to respond to questions in the comments. This is the tutorial I began with when I first decided to try my hand at making wire rings, and I can promise you it makes the perfect foundation on which to build your knowledge.

2. Learn the Herringbone weave

A Herringbone Bead

A Herringbone Bead

The herringbone weave is a beautiful little technique which can produce some visually stunning jewellery – once you’ve got the hang of doing it! The wonderful guys at Beadaholique uploaded a great video to their youtube channel, which will teach you everything you need to know about this pretty little technique.

3. Learn the art of twisting wire

(C) ~pixie-trick

(C) ~pixie-trick

Whilst all wire jewellery is undoubtedly beautiful, adding a twisted wire element to a design can really make it stand out from the crowd. ~pixie-trick over on DeviantArt has written a fantastic guide to twisting wire, which includes not only a wonderfully detailed account of how to twist many different kinds of wire, but also a few ideas on what each kind can be used for.

4. Basic Ear Cuffs


Ear cuffs are incredibly fashionable these days, and are also incredibly fun to make. Shaylynn Ann has done a great job writing this tutorial; it’s incredibly detailed, has lots of pretty pictures, and includes more complicated variations to help you step up your game once you’ve got the basics down. At the bottom of the page, you’ll also find links to a slightly more complex design if you feel like trying something a little harder 🙂

5. Wire Sculpture by Preston Reuther

(C)Preston Reuther

(C)Preston Reuther

Preston Reuther calls himself a ‘Master Wire Sculptor’, and I have to say, he is not undeserving of the title.  Just take a look at some of the pieces in his advanced tutorial collection! I think this is the kind of work we can all aspire to achieve.

Whilst most of his tutorials require payment, Preston has very kindly offered up this tutorial for free; in it he teaches the basics of sculpting wire around a bead. Whilst he writes that this tutorial is for a side-drilled bead, I can assure you that the techniques he teaches works equally well on a top drilled bead too :).

This technique is easily the most complicated on the list, but rest assured that the tutorial is very well-written and has lots of helpful photographs; your first pendant probably won’t look anything like his, but it’s a very fun technique to play around with. Just don’t use expensive gold or silver wire to practice with!

And so there we have it; my top 5 wire jewellery tutorials for beginner artists. Next up; my top 5 wire jewellery tutorials for the more experienced worker 🙂


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