Top 3 Wire Jewellery Tutorials for those who like to play on Master Difficulty

So far I’ve made two lists of my top 5 jewellery tutorials, one for beginner artists, and one for more experienced designers. Whilst going through my personal bookmark collection however, I came across a couple of tutorials that I saved, hoping that one day I’d be able to come back and create the wonderful jewellery they teach. Well, looking at them again now, I still like to think I’ll be able to make them one day… unfortunately, that day is a very, very long way off!

If you yourself are the kind of daring soul that loves a challenge, or likes to play through life on Master Difficulty, you’re more than welcome to try your hand at them. Do make sure you post your results in the comments though; I’d love to see if anyone can actually make these designs!

And so I present to you my –

Top 3 Jewellery Tutorials for those of you who like to play on Master!

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Top 5 Intermediate to Advanced Wire Jewellery Tutorials

In my last post we took a look at some of the wonderful jewellery tutorials available for free around the web, teaching everything from basic ring-making to slightly more advanced wire sculpture. Seeing as the tutorials featured in that post were aimed almost solely at the beginner artist however, I decided to make a second post with tutorials for an artist who already has a more advanced skill set. So, here are my…

Top 5 Intermediate to Advanced Wire Jewellery Tutorials

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Top 5 Wire Jewellery Tutorials for Beginners

As a jewellery designer, I am constantly scouring the web for sources of inspiration and information. I love to learn new techniques and try new things, and am always striving for perfection in my work. My jewellery board on Pinterest currently has over 600 pins (which isn’t as many as I had thought…better get pinning!) and whilst it’s a fantastic place for inspiration and keeping up with current trends, my favourite ever thing is waking up in the morning to find another jewellery tutorial on my front page.

So, for those of you who don’t have pinterest however, or are simply looking for a new idea or new technique to try, I present to you my;

Top 5 (Free) Wire Jewellery Tutorials for Beginners

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