New Jewellery and Sneak Peaks!

I’ve been working on a lot of new jewellery designs recently, primarily because we have a charity event coming up on our calendar which is to raise money for the Oncology Unit at Lincoln Hospital (Lincolnshire, UK). The fundraiser has been arranged by our Aunt, and is a huge thank you from us to the nurses at Waddington Unit for the many years of hard work they gave us in taking care of our Mother, who suffered from cancer for almost twenty years before the doctors finally lost hope and told us there was nothing else they could do. If you’ve ever known anyone who has been treated for cancer, or have ever visited an oncology ward in a hospital, you’ll know just how hard the nurses work to ensure their patients are comfortable and happy, and we’d like to do our bit to make sure they can keep helping people for many years into the future 🙂 If you happen to live in the area, or can travel down, please do come along and help support this great cause!


As such, I’ve been creating a wide range of jewellery items specifically for the event, including a number of one of a kind pieces which will only be available to win in the raffle! Check out the gallery below if you’d like to see what I’ve been working on 🙂